5 Social Media Etiquette Tips for the new age Maharani

social media etiquette

So you just got engaged and you want to shout it out to the whole world. Why not? It’s quite possibly the most joyous and happiest of occasions of your life.

In today’s digital age, the announcement of an engagement or wedding is typically celebrated via social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. The importance of social media has influenced all of us in some way or another, but for the wedding industry in particular there is no limit. Brides and grooms are documenting everything from their pre-wedding festivities right through to the honeymoon.

Whilst this is all fair and well, let us spare a moment to ponder about those couples who don’t wish to share their private lives on Facebook or would rather opt for an “unplugged” wedding.

We’ve rounded up 5 hard and fast wedding social media related rules (if you want to call it this) for the newly engaged and the wedding guests!

Don’t use social media as a blogging tool

Admit it. There is a limit as to how much you can share about your wedding preparations. It’s okay to vent or post mushy images of your partner and yourself, but not to the extent where you come off as being very annoying! Share positive thoughts and your sense of excitement, but limit it to perhaps once or twice a week.

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If you don’t want to overload your social media pages with each and every detail, why not create a wedding website. There are plenty of free website platforms out there with user-friendly templates to select from. Your friends and family can keep tabs of how things are travelling and you can even include some fun and useful details about the wedding itself, such as the venue, wedding registry or even a wedding day countdown clock.

When the time arrives to post out invitations, you can include a link to the personal website along with a unique wedding day hashtag for your guests to use during the festivities. Hashtags are a fun way for guests to search for images on services such as Instagram.

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Do ask before sharing

Sharing is caring, but better to ask. How would you feel it if your bestie, bridesmaid or groomsmen shared the most unflattering photograph of you? As a guest, you should have some sense to not post any unflattering photographs or videos. If you’re unsure, consult the wedding party.

After the wedding festivities are over, ask your guests to share their photographs via email or private photo sharing platforms. You can collate the best ones and share it via a Facebook album, Instagram or again, via email. How about the thank you card? Hey, now there’s a nice idea!

Do encourage your guests to unplug

As difficult as it may sound, this could be the solution to all your social media sharing woes. Inform all guests prior to the wedding on your ‘wed-site,’ the invitations, wedding program or create some beautiful signage. Your MC can also make an announcement.

You could event take it one step further and set up a check in station or cloakroom where guests can leave their phones before entering the ceremony.

If you’re as Instagram obsessed as we are, then you might want to consider having a photo booth. Think outside the ‘traditional box’ and choose an Insta-worthy backdrop such as vintage couches, flowers or something that reflects your personality.

Be polite and respectful. The last thing you want on your wedding day is for someone to create a scene.

Don’t get in the photographer’s way

Recently, wedding photographer Thomas Stewart made headlines after sharing an unpleasant photograph reminding us of the perils of mobile photography at a wedding. He made an impassionate plea for couples to consider an ‘unplugged wedding.’

“You’re paying a photographer quite a bit of money; that means you want great photos. We cannot do our best work with people getting in our way.”

Remember that a wedding will be over in a flash, don’t waste your precious moments capturing mobile phone images of your jewellery, outfits, shoes, guests etc.

A wedding photographer is hired to do that job for you and guess what? His camera is better than yours!

You are sharing your wedding day with some of the most important people in your lives. For those who couldn’t attend the festivities, they can just wait for the DVD or official photographs. Hello, #latergrams!

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Do celebrate the moment

In a world made up of hashtags and live video streaming networks, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and lose sight of the bigger picture.

Cherish the moments and celebrate with your best friends and loved ones.

After all, a wedding should be a party!


What are your go to social media tips maharanis? Share in the comments below and remember, if you have any questions, feel free to email us at info@themaharanidiaries.com 

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