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At The Maharani Diaries, we want brides to celebrate the most important day of their lives by embracing their inner Maharani.



The Maharani Diaries was created to inspire and connect brides to the finest service providers in the industry. The term “Maharani” is the Sanskrit title given to a majestic queen but also describes a regal bride on her wedding day. Today’s modern Maharani is fashion forward, confident and sophisticated. She embraces glamour, elegance and love and we want to guide her every step of the way during the wedding planning process.

Launched in 2015 by wedding enthusiast Poonam Gururajan, The Maharani Diaries is making its mark on the online wedding market as the most exclusive and go-to platform for the modern day bride. Estimated to be worth over 300 billion dollars, the Indian wedding industry is growing at a rapid rate. Couples are beginning to pay more attention to the details and emerging trends and are certainly not afraid to think outside of the box.  Our aim is to keep brides up-to-date with the wedding trends and connect them to brands and suppliers from UK, Australia and beyond.

Having gained a wealth of experience from working with professionals from the hospitality, events and wedding sectors, we have a strong understanding of how the wedding industry works. We hope that our content guides you through all the latest trends, happenings and events from around the world.

We promote various brands, both big and small. So if you’re interested, we invite you to contact us at

No doubt, planning a wedding can be overwhelming, but here at The Maharani Diaries we are here to support you along the journey, making the experience seamless. Believe that you can have the time of your life during your wedding planning! Drop us a line over on our Facebook page. We’d love to hear from you!

We love all things pretty, nice and that are, importantly, original.  Learn how to create the wedding of your dreams via our blog or search through our vendor listings to find the best suppliers for your wedding festivities.

Your wedding day is the one day where you get the chance to let your hair down and celebrate with your loved one. We love weddings just as much as you do, so tell us all about it and share your wedding with us here.



We are passionate about what we do. Having fun is part of our business ethos.


Let’s face it, Indian weddings are all about colour and we can’t imagine a life without it.


We are firm believers that true beauty comes from within. As our mission states, celebrate your inner Maharani!


My journey into blogging and creating The Maharani Diaries was driven by my obsession for weddings and events. Of course, it hasn’t been as straight-forward as perhaps I would have liked.

I got bitten by the ‘wedding’ bug when I was in my teens. My mother knew I had a love for all things weddings and one day she bought me a copy of successful UK wedding magazine, ASIANA which was all but only $12 in the newsagent. I was hooked! Ever since then, I knew that one day I would be in a position where I’m curating amazingly beautiful bridal shoots and planning weddings for Maharani’s all over the world.  But fulfilling this ambition had to wait.

I started out my professional career as a scientist in Melbourne, Australia, but the 9-5 drill wasn’t for me. In 2013, for a range of personal reasons my world fell apart and I couldn’t get out of bed. However, the support and encouragement of my loving husband is what got me through.

So, I left my job, took a deep breath and went back to school to study Hopitality and Event Management.

Following this, I worked with some of Melbourne’s finest wedding and event planners and on the side, I volunteered at a lot of prestigious events. It was at this point in time that I conceived the concept of The Maharani Diaries, a portal in which I could use my experience to provide Maharani’s with a one-stop resource.

As I was about to sit down and figure this all out, the hubby landed a job in Ireland! Having grown up in Melbourne for the most part of my life, this was a huge step and I honestly didn’t know what to think. But we both took the plunge and have since relished the experience of working and living in a different country.

The Maharani Diaries is the culmination of a personal dream and everything I have learnt about not only planning my wedding, but about the industry as a whole. Rather than building just another wedding blog, my intention is to create a community. A community where brides and wedding industry professionals can come together to share their love and passion for all things wedding related.

So, here it is! My labour of love.

Whether it’s about infusing western aesthetics with more traditional elements or planning a destination wedding, I want to share in the joys with you.

We have loads of exciting projects lined up in the coming weeks and months ahead, but in the mean time, I’d like to express how excited I am about being a part of your special day.

Hope you’ll join us on the ride!

Last but not least I want to dedicate this website to my mother. She was and will always remain an inspiration to me.

xo Poonam.


Want to work at The Maharani Diaries?

The Maharani Diaries is a company that captures the essence of all things beautiful about weddings and in particular brides to be. We are focused on weddings, fashion, events and South Asian culture and we’re always on the hunt for bloggers, marketing interns, designers and website techies.

As our values state, we’re here to have fun, embrace colour and be beautiful. Whether you’re a t-shirt, skinny jeans lover or a full on fashionista, what’s most important is that you are as passionate about weddings as we are.

If you’ve got that creative spirit and drive that we’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you.

Send through your applications with the subject, ‘Jobs at The Maharani Diaries’ to and we’ll reach out to you as soon as we can!

*Please note that although we are based in Ireland, we are open to applications from all over the world.


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