Introducing Gulabi Trunk Personalised Bridal Service - The Maharani Diaries

How quickly are we speeding through Indian wedding season? With November almost over, we are now gearing up for the Christmas holidays and New Years and for maharani brides, this is the season for dressing to impress. The search for the perfect outfit begins!

Today we are thrilled to introduce you to the lovely team behind Gulabi Trunk. Headed by Divya Jain and Akshita Mahtani, Gulabi Trunk is the home for affordable luxury. Based in Chennai, India, Divya and Akshita are assisting brides to be and wedding guests this season from all over the world to help them source chic outfits, accessories and jewellery for their special occasion.

We have the pleasure to introduce you to Divya and Akshita as they tell us all about their new venture.

Give us an overview about Gulabi Trunk?

Gulabi Trunk was a very simple plan hatched over a series of coffee dates. We were colleagues working at a new fashion website that curated, displayed and promoted work of upcoming designers from across the county. Divya was deeply involved in sourcing such designers and curating their work and I, Akshita was in charge of handling the backend of the website, marketing and content writing. Our post-office coffee dates led us to putting our complimentary skills together to launch Gulabi Trunk.

Gulabi Trunk Team - The Maharani Diaries

What’s the process or creative steps that go into curating a collection or designing a “trunk?

Every piece we create is inspired by something that caught our attention – a fabric, a print or perhaps simply for a new occasion. This leads to brainstorming to help finalize the fabric, style, colours and everything else we need.

When a bride or any customer for that matter comes to us with a requirement, we start off by sending them a basic questionnaire that gives us all the information we need in detail. It helps us understand their taste, the occasion, their budget, likes, dislikes, etc. It also gives us a fair sense of their body type and skin tone, which is all we need to put together something fabulous and stylish for them.

Our weddings have a multitude of events, so in this instance, how do Gulabi Trunk’s bridal consultations work?

A multitude of events means a multitude of outfits for the bride and groom! The most important aspect of this is to ensure that the bride has a completely different look for each of her events. This includes the colours she wears, the styles she carries and the fabrics and laces we use to put her outfit together. It is a lot easier when we are booked in for the whole wedding. We can carefully work on each of these aspects and make sure the bride looks ravishing in each of her outfits.

What part of your job do you enjoy the most?

We enjoy nearly every aspect of what we do – new styles, new fabrics, matching laces, but the most fulfilling part is to see someone dolled up in one of our designs/ensembles. It is the most rewarding and fun part of our job.

Wedding fashion is evolving by the minute, so how do you keep on top of trends and assist your brides-to-be?

One aspect of this job that we enjoy doing is keeping up with the latest in the industry. We follow Indian wedding magazines, Instagram pages and Pinterest boards. Each time we see something new somewhere we grab every opportunity to see how we can use it. Divya is an Instagram addict, her life revolves around fashion Instagram pages and it is impossible to get her attention when she’s on Instagram. It once took her 4 minutes to climb up a flight of stairs cause she was glued to something new she saw on Instagram!