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Thank you for choosing to share your beautiful wedding, destination wedding or pre-wedding functions with The Maharani Diaries.

The Maharani Diaries welcomes submissions from newlywed South Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bangladeshi, Nepalese etc.) couples from all over the world. We also accept submissions from wedding photographers or industry professionals.

We have a penchant for strikingly beautiful wedding details and so we love to see modern, fresh and creative wedding shoots or editorials that will inspire and resonate well with our brides and readers. We adore clear, crisp and natural photographs that capture love, emotion and everything that’s beautiful about South Asian weddings.

To assist us with publishing your wedding or event, we have created a central space for submissions. Please kindly read the terms and conditions as below and click on submit once the contact form is completed.


What to know before submitting

We like Dropbox

The Maharani Diaries welcomes different methods for submitting photographs, however it is best suitable to not send individual image attachments to our email. Dropbox is the most convenient method for sending through multiple images. Please provide a direct link to the image file folder. This will enable quick response on our part. If you have any queries regarding this, please email for assistance.

Please provide us your professional photos

Please submit up to 50-100 clear-resolution, 800px wide professional photographs along with relevant information about your special occasion as asked of in the contact form below.

Tell us a story

Select the photographs carefully. They should be of a similar style and quality and it is preferable that they are in colour. It is also best that they do not contain any logos, watermarks or borders. The images should highlight all the important aspects and moments from the event. For example, the bride getting ready, her fashion, groom, groom’s fashion, bridesmaids, décor, garlands, mandap design, wedding favours, stationery etc.

Other notes

For cinematography submissions, please email directly with relevant links.

Please complete all fields of the contact form.

We would appreciate that you share social media handles and/or website information for all involved suppliers.

We will endeavour to respond to your submission within the first week of receiving it.

Please note that submissions could take up to 1 month before publishing on The Maharani Diaries.

Please fill the following form.

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