10 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations from Around the World

10 Offbeat Honeymoon Destinations from Around the World

Finding the perfect honeymoon destinations to escape away to with your better half has to be the greatest part about wedding planning right? Your honeymoon is the one time you don’t have to agonise over the little specifics of the table decor or wedding dress shopping.

When it comes to my love story, well my partner and I crave anything but the ordinary, and it goes for everything from our wedding to the house decor! Travel too! So, if you’re anything like me, you’re scouring the internet for that out of the world experience to start your married life. Whether it be quiet log-houses on snowy mountain tops, or walking through historical pathways, or just relaxing in your bed by the water sipping a cold one, we have you covered today.

It’s time to spoil yourselves maharanis because you’re in for a treat with these out of this world experiences. Here are 10 of the best offbeat honeymoon destinations that are currently trending on our radar.

1. Slipper Island, New Zealand

A little slice of heaven down-under can do you no wrong, like ever. Our neighbours, the Kiwis are known to house some the world’s most scintillating hidden gems. We have a few on our list to make your choice easier.

For adventure sports buffs, Queenstown is the NZ base. To paint a picture, Queenstown is a small town built around Lake Wakatipu at the foothills of the Southern Alps ideal for exploring vineyards and historic mining hamlets.

There isn’t much you can’t do here; kayak through the lake Wakatipu, bungee jump off the Kawarau Gorge Suspension Bridge, or sample wine in Central Otago. In the winter, visit the Onsen Hot pools. Private onsen with champagne in hand whilst gazing out at the mountains capes paints a story in itself.

For the nature lovers, right close by is the glacier lake, Lake Ohau. Nestled amongst the towering mountains, the sparkling lake is an ideal spot for lodgers looking for woody escapes. The private ski slopes, cottages, and open fires are spectacular. 

Truly diverse, New Zealand’s biggest hidden gem is the Slipper Island. Make yourself literally “at home” at Home Bay Beach. An island entirely to yourself, Slipper island is all yours with its white sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and the dramatic volcanic rocks. Exploit your freedom to explore and relax the Kiwi way.

Unique Honeymoon Destination New Zealand

Image: Queenstown, New Zealand by Josh Withers

2. Shetland Islands, Scotland

This subarctic archipelago in the Northern Isles of Scotland, Shetland is the perfect addition to any European honeymoon destinations list. Aplenty with stories about the Vikings, this is where Scottish and Scandinavian flares merge. The rugged island will enchant you any time of the year with the adorable puffins, lighthouses and changing watercolours, this is where the North Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

Image: Shetland Islands, Scotland by Joe deSousa

3. Lake Bled, Slovenia

On the topic of European honeymoons, a personal favourite of mine is Slovenia. Do not miss the chance to explore this hidden gem of a honeymoon destination. It is my personal favourite on the underrated romantic getaways’ list.

Lake Bled is the picture perfect location. Rich with 20th-century architecture, this glacier lake is fed by hot springs. The blue-green lake houses a tiny island with a medieval time church on it, writing a romance novel in itself.

And, if you want to dine with a view of this lake, there’s no other place than the oldest castle in Slovenia dated back to 1011. For more than a millennium, this medieval castle has been perched on the Slovenian cliffs, hosting people from all across the world to enjoy spectacular views of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke. Enjoy the wine from its cellars too!

Honeymoon Destination Lake Bled, Slovenia

Image: Lake Bled, Slovenia, by Tom Schifanella

4. Woodstock, Vermont

For the quaint wintery type of honeymoon destination, Woodstock, Vermont is your spot. Bid farewell to your wedding diet, and welcome the deliciousness of flavours this town has to offer.

Think pine trees and snow cones! Strap your snowshoes or cross-country skis to go up till the summit to get a view of the entire village.

Woodstock in Vermont is particularly romatic around this time of the year with Fall/Autumn kicking in. End the day with a hot stone massage or snuggle up with a spiced pumpkin latte next to the warmth of the fireplace.

Honeymoon Destination Vermont

Image: Woodstock, Vermont by Patrick Bald

5. Province of Pontevedra, Spain

This one’s very close to my heart. It’s my choice for ideal honeymoon destinations.

We all know Spain for its colourful culture and splendid locals. A beat away from the usual soundtrack though, is where you’ll find Pontevedra. Known for its art and history, the city is called ‘The Good City’, and is home to the preserved old township, and Gothic Basilicas and Church’s. 

The reason this authentic Galician city is my paradise is because of its pedestrianisation. The sound of vehicles have been replaced by sweet chirping birds and the chatter of humans strolling through the streets of this quaint little town. Sounds like paradise doesn’t it! 

Honeymoon Destination Vermont

Image: Pontevedra, Spain via Britannica 

6. Kyoto, Japan

While I pour my heart out about my dream destination in Spain, I couldn’t possibly forget to list out Poonam’s absolute favourite (the lady behind the The Maharani Diaries curtains). 

Famous for its classic Buddhist temples, gardens, imperial palaces, shrines and traditional wooden houses, Kyoto is ideal for an authentic and unique honeymoon visit. Before we dive into the ‘what to do and see’, Kyoto is a shout out to all kinds of foodies. Its formal tradition of kaiseki dining with multiple courses of precise dishes is a definite to-do. 

Whether you want to bask in the historical atmosphere, or find peace in bamboo forest or the zen gardens, the ancient city of Kyoto is hands-down one of the most romantic destinations. Built in the beautiful outdoors, make sure you carry comfy shoes to roam around the city. Walk up to the Kamo river to enjoy some quality time with your beau. The walk along the riverside, listening to the soft surfs and waves and seeing undiscovered parts of the city is nothing short of a dream.

Just as you walk down the path by the river, there’s the breathtaking Kiyomizu Temple housed in the middle of the mountains. Another attraction not to miss is the golden temple, Kinkakuji.

The picturesque city is full of small authentic stores, and tiny alleyways and walkways, exactly what you need to cosy up with your new partner. 

Offbeat Honeymoon Destination Kyoto Japan

Image: Kyoto, Japan by David Emrich

7. Crete, Greece

Now we’re off to sunnier shores!

The Greeks have attracted newlyweds and the romantics for eons and generations now. Be it the stories or just the sun-sand-water combination, we would pick Greece to visit at any time of the year.

With so many unique islands to choose from, which one makes for the perfect offbeat honeymoon destination?

Let me take you through Crete. Greece’s largest island, its towards the south end of Greece, making it rich with sunshine throughout the year. That’s just the trailer! Crete boasts fine sand beaches, mountains and caves. If the green-blue waters don’t paint a picture for you, maybe the history will get you hooked. Home to the Ideon cave, it is said to be the birthplace of Zeus as per the Greek mythology. To top it all, the lighthouses are fairytale like, perched on cliff tops overlooking the beaches. 

Offbeat Honeymoon Destination_Crete, Greece_The Maharani Diaries

Crete, Greece

8. Vis, Croatia

Croatia is seriously underrated. The country is all about breathtaking beaches, dramatic sunsets and palm fringed ports. If you have a honeymoon wish-list, Croatia has got all the raw materials to make that post-vows trip complete.

Some of my closest family is from Croatia. I remember asking so much about the hidden away island life. Innumerable islands to offer, I have always been inclined to pick the island of Vis.

Built by the Venetians in the 17th century, Vis has a way of winning you over. The township is essentially a string of courtyards and alleyways in limestones, overhung with balconies and little brick steps rising into the hills in the backyard. I can not emphasise enough on how crystal clear the water is in Croatia. 

There’s no such thing as boutiques lining the streets, you’ll find more mini-marts and boat chandlers. There’s plenty of fresh seafood on offer, and restaurants are designed within walls of old ruined palazzos. 

Unique Honeymoon Destinations Vis Croatia

Vis, Croatia

9. Kakslauttanen, Finland

Finland, with its pastel skies and cosy hideouts is an invitation to the lovers fond of the remote ‘do not disturb’ locations. This “Jewel of the North”, or what I’d call Santa’s home, reimagines magic and romance.

So, what’s so special about Finland? While the entire country is a fairytale, I’d send you packing to Kakslauttanen.

It really is about the once-in-a-lifetime experience, and I can’t emphasise that enough. Huskies and reindeers greet you as your tour guides helping you check into your lodges. The accommodation is quite surreal too. Nothing like your log houses and french windows.

In the thick of the snow, as you walk into this picture story, you’re welcomed by landscapes peppered with snow covered trees and a strip of glass igloos. The igloo village is all about transparent glass igloos with beams of sunshine glittering through the ceiling in the daytime. As the day sets in, you slink into the loungers turned beds right under the blazing northern lights. 

Think Narnia, with white snow beds, little glass castles and mythical creatures. With over 200 days of Northern lights gleaming through the skies, it transcends you to an enchanting honeymoon destination.

Image: Kakslauttanen, Finland by Lucas Marcomini

10. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Last but not least is the rich and colourful African destination of Morocco. Culturally rich and culinarily delicious, Moroccans always attract the exotic honeymooners. The landscape is diverse, and hotels, called “riads” are heavenly. Morocco is a destination unlike no other, offering beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea in the north, with the desert in the south and even mountain ranges with snow-capped hills. 

While camel trekking, star gazing and watching sunsets and sunrises together are the main attractions of this offbeat honeymoon destination, wandering around souks is what we would pen down as the must do activity. Vivid and vibrant, these handicraft markets are some of the most incredibly stylish ones in the world. 

Chefchaouen, residing amid the Rif Mountains, is a must-see. The city is painted in blue and white, very inverse of the Greek side of the world. The blue houses compliment the browns of the hills around it. The Ras el-Maa waterfalls completes the picture of this imperial city.

Image: Chefchaouen, Morocco by Mohammed Lak 

Find your flavours or mix and match among the two of you, I am sure that the final dish will turn out to be exquisite. Tell us what your favourite offbeat honeymoon destinations are in the comments below!

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