5 Reasons Why The Saree Lane’s Saree Petticoat Works

5 Reasons Why The Saree Lane Saree Petticoat Works

There’s no denying that Indian women woman look the most graceful when draped in a saree. For centuries, the humble saree continues to hold its place as the ultimate wardrobe staple and the same can be said for India’s burgeoning fashion industry. What many women don’t realize though is that selecting the ideal saree petticoat is just as important as the choice of the saree itself. A classic 9-yard bridal silk saree for example, will be draped around your body for most of your wedding day. In this instance, comfort is key.

So, what if we told you that there’s one saree petticoat which could potentially flatter your figure and help you achieve next level saree comfort!

This is exactly what Brisbane startup, Asheeka of The Saree Lane, has achieved. She came to the discovery that there was one common problem that every woman faced, and it all came down to the saree petticoat.

Today, The Saree Lane is a force in the Brisbane fashion scene, and we’re delighted to be one of the first publications to introduce this unique saree petticoat product to our maharanis!

Let’s take a look at 5 reasons as to why you should purchase The Saree Lane saree petticoat this wedding season.

5 Reasons Why The Saree Lane Saree Petticoat Works

This Saree Petticoat is like Second Skin

The Saree Lane has selected a high-grade, quality fabric from Italy to produce the first of its kind saree shapewear for the Australian market. An Australian product with European flair!

Once you opt for The Saree Lane’s saree petticoat, there’s no turning back. It feels just like a second skin due to the comfort level.  The stretchy-like material has the best compression which won’t let it lose its elasticity or shape.

This fitted saree petticoat gives you more comfort than a regular petticoat provides, allowing you to breathe comfortably. This means that there is no need to worry about becoming hot and flustered after moving all night long. So it is perfect for the summer wedding season.

Embellishment aside, saree shapewear is made from four panels in a gorgeous, satin fabric. This flared satin pattern is super special because it smooths, tones and lifts whilst still remaining comfortable, putting an end to the discomfort and that restricted feeling traditionally found with loose cotton petticoats. This fitted petticoat will never move around, and this works well when you are wearing a saree which creates volume (such as tissue, organza or some silk sarees). It’s like a firm hug and it will hold your saree in place all night long.

Brisbane startup, The Saree Lane's shapewear is revolutionising the way women wear their sarees.

Accentuate Your Figure

You’ve got the look baby! The Saree Lane wants you to feel sexy about wearing a saree. No more uncomfortable occasions trying to wonder how you’ll make trips to the bathroom all night long.

This shapewear will never lose elasticity. It’s ultra-fine and light and as an added bonus, will accentuate your silhouette,

The cut of the petticoat isn’t a-line, providing that oomph around the legs to flatter your curves and smoothen out any bumps so you can feel totally confident.

The beauty of this shapewear too, is that you can pair any one of them with a lehenga.

Brisbane startup, The Saree Lane's shapewear is revolutionising the way women wear their sarees.

Colour My World

Asheeka did some research to find out what colours were trending and opted for bright and bold. There a so many options.

She suggests though, that the colour of your petticoat should usually be one shade lighter than the saree.

5 Reasons Why The Saree Lane Saree Petticoat Works

Ideal for the Bride To Be

For brides to be, opting to wear a saree on their wedding day, the saree shapewear is comfortable enough for you to bust your moves later at your reception party.

Most brides opt for some kind of extra support under their bridal saree to feel secure, so this just one reason why The Saree Lane petticoat is the best choice for your big fat desi wedding.

The greatest demand for saree shapewear comes from the fact that most wedding sarees are made from not-so-forgiving fabrics. If your traditional saree petticoat and Spanx had a love child, saree shapewear would be it.

Brisbane startup, The Saree Lane has also come up with a new range of affordable and lightweight sarees.

Sarees To Lehengas

We mentioned briefly above that the shapewear is designed to be worn with skirts, sarees and also a lehenga.

The versatility of this garment is extraordinary.

Let us focus on the saree though. Asheeka recalls a time when her own mother rocking the saree in her younger years. This in turn has inspired her to come up with her own new line of affordable, retro-hipster designed sarees too.

She mentions that the saree “isn’t difficult to drape and there’s no such thing as the “perfect pleat.”

The saree is elegant and timeless and deeply rooted in our culture. We cannot wait to see Asheeka’s full designer saree collection in the new year!

5 Reasons Why The Saree Lane Saree Petticoat Works

We are so excited for The Saree Lane and we hope that this helps bridge a gap in the market for women who are after quality shapewear that can be worn with South Asian garments. If you are interested to hear more about Asheeka and her story, click here or take a look at the full collection here.  

**This post is sponsored by The Saree Lane. Thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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