9 Things To Include On Your Wedding Day Checklist

9 Things To Include On Your Wedding Day Checklist

It’s the night before your wedding and you reckon you have everything on your wedding day checklist sorted.

So much excitement overcomes you, yet the wedding jitters are also starting to take over your emotions. The feeling is so real right?

Understandably, that main checklist would have been passed on to your bridal party or wedding coordinator to take care of. But, it’s totally fine to give yourself some peace of mind and freedom for the next day onwards. Use the last couple of days before the big day to take care of above all, yourself and all the little details.

Let’s do this maharanis!

Handover the run sheet to your bridal party

This is your list of all the tasks and events happening on the day of your wedding. Individual roles and responsibilities should have already been covered for and surely your bridal party or coordination team have this under control.

It’s really important to include the phone numbers of all the important contacts such as wedding suppliers, family members and the bridal party too. You never know, your mobile phones could suddenly die and then you’re stuffed!


Speaking of mobile phones, this as well as any other electronic devices should be hidden away or turned on silent.

Have your family or friends take care of all correspondence, the night before and also on your wedding day. Unplug and get the relatives to take care of the BTS footage from the day. “Gramming” comes after the festivities are completely over.

One thing you must not forget to add to your wedding day checklist is to pack an emergency kit or overnight bag. One of the items should definitely be a pair of flat shoes or sneakers to help you get through all of your events.

Pack emergency bridal kit

Perhaps one of the most overlooked things on a bride’s wedding day checklist, is that emergency bridal kit.

There are a multitude of things that should be packed into a suitcase or overnight bag. Basically, this kit is simply getting you ready to face the worst with ease.

We’re thinking safety pins, additional bindis, eyedrops, breath mints, Panadol, lipstick, powder, tissues, band-aids, sunscreen, sewing kit, water bottles, flat shoes and an umbrella (in case of forecasted rain).

Who's the wedding ring bearer on your wedding d

Who’s the wedding ring bearer

Handover your wedding rings to the most trustworthy person in your bridal party. It could be your groomsmen or a relative. Sort this out preferably the night before.

Don't forget to make healthy eating a task on your wedding day checklist. You will want to make sure that you are also staying hydrated well before the festivities begin.

Don’t forget to eat

In the days leading up to your wedding, you’re going to want to make sure you eat hearty and healthy meals as well as stay hydrated.

We understand that wedding anxiety will let your stomach and mind scream of burgers and fries and anything but a healthy meal. Stick to a wholesome meal, before and on the day of the wedding as well.

So important to wake up feeling energized as opposed to bloated.

Remember that what you eat will reflect your mood.

Create memories

Not quite an official “wedding day checklist” task, but your wedding day gives you the perfect opportunity to relax and celebrate the journey up until now.

Why not raise a toast with your loved one or bride tribe?

This moment makes for a lovely photo opportunity. Whether it’s over a glass of champagne, a mocktail or a coffee, this is your last day as a single lady.

Pause and reflect before you say I do

You probably hear us say this often enough but do take time to pause before making this transition in your life.

The night before your wedding is tough, so take a moment to sit in silence, read a book or breathe and meditate and everything will fall into place.

Create a wedding day playlist

“Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married..”

Have someone play your favourite songs on the morning of your wedding. Compile a list of songs that are going to totally make you and your bridal party chill out.

Spotify is a great place to start. Playlists are so easy to create.

9 Things To Include On Your Wedding Day Checklist

Get a good night’s rest

Ah.. sleep. One of the most beautiful things you can do to treat your mind, body and spirit is to sleep.

Get your 8 hours of undisturbed sleep, minus the hangovers. It’s more than likely that your wedding will run over 3-4 days max, so a good night’s rest will help you get prepared for the marathon events.

We hope you enjoyed these valuable tips! Let us know what you would put on your wedding day checklist in the comments below.

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