A Stylish Gujarati Wedding At Glasshouse Melbourne: Nomeeta + Cheten

Stylish Gujarati Wedding in Melbourne_Nomeeta and Cheten

Today’s wedding extravaganza will surely tug at your heartstrings. Abundant in colour and endless energy, Nomeeta and Cheten tied the knot in a beautiful exchange of vows amongst their families and friends.

The stylish and contemporary Gujarati wedding was a grand affair, held at one of Melbourne’s newest and slickest event spaces, The Glasshouse. Filled with love, fun and oodles of memorable moments, Nomeeta and Chetan’s 4 day celebration was captured ever so beautifully by Bhargav Boppa.

Bride, Nomeeta wore the most incredible bridal wear on all occasions and was complemented ever so stylishly by her dapper groom Chetan. We even discover that her superbly talented mother designed her bridal lehenga!

Nomeeta has been so generous to share not only their love story, but loads of details from the glittering garba night, outdoor mehndi and haldi parties and sangeet to the epic reception party.

Stylish Gujarati Wedding in Melbourne_Nomeeta and Cheten

A Tale Of Two Cities

This love story began online and spanned across two cities, namely Sydney and Melbourne. Luckily, there was no city rivalry though between these two lovers.

“Funnily enough, we met on Tinder. I never had any intention of meeting anybody on tinder, but my friends convinced me to get the app just as a joke. Cheten (who is originally from Wollongong) was studying in Victoria and during that time we both swiped right. We decided to meet in the city where we dabbled in a few games of pool where to Cheten’s surprise, I beat him!

Soon after that day we were inseparable. Cheten became my best friend, just like that. From the beginning our relationship has been so comfortable and secure, and we really have brought out the best in each other. We’ve always been planning the next steps, whether that be long distance, moving interstate for one another, or even getting married.”

According to Nomeeta, Cheten’s proposal was a winner.

“We were living in Sydney at the time. I had flown to Melbourne for the Christmas break to visit family and as far as I knew, he couldn’t join due to work commitments.

Little did I know though, that he had coordinated with my parents, siblings and some of my closest friends to execute the most beautiful proposal. He even managed to get his parents to drive down from Wollongong for the celebrations! I spent the day catching up with some girlfriends when one suggested we check out an exhibition in the Fitzroy gardens. We were walking through the gardens ‘trying’ to find this exhibition when I heard my favourite Ed Sheeran song playing. Down a secluded path in front of a pond was Cheten, who had flown in from Sydney that morning to surprise me.

He was surrounded candles, flowers, photos of us, champagne and a beautiful picnic which my friends had organised. It was at that moment, when he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. He literally made me the happiest person in the world (not before playing some harmless pranks on me like handing me two orange carrots because I always teased him saying I wanted a 2 carat diamond ring!). We spent the next few hours alone taking it all in, before heading home to celebrate with our families. Cheten knew that I had dreamt of a proposal that wasn’t over the top or ostentatious, but rather something authentic and ‘us.’ He nailed it!”

It wasn’t long before Nomeeta and Chetan started planning their stylish Gujarati wedding in Melbourne. With thanks to Nomeeta’s mother, a lot of their wedding plans were facilitated by her.

Summer Soiree

Nomeeta and Cheten were quite relaxed when it came to planning their summer wedding celebration. The most important aspect was ensuring that every occasion was a big party.

“We were both pretty relaxed people I would say. I mostly knew what I wanted and my Mum played a huge part in figuring everything out too. I probably trust my Mum’s opinion the most for these sorts of things. We both have similar tastes so it was a huge relief to be able to rely on her.

Cheten was also involved in a lot of the decisions. He took more interest than I had anticipated, but it was great have his input because it really was about us at the end of the day.

Stylish Gujarati Wedding in Melbourne, Australia_Nomeeta and Cheten

“We wanted the wedding to be a big party, with everyone dancing, drinking and just having a really good time.

As a bride I wanted to stay happy and cheerful the whole way through. I didn’t want any of those sad moments you typically see from the girls side. After all, I was marrying my best friend and was going to be surrounded by all the people I love.”

Nomeeta and Chetan were quite relaxed when it came to planning their summer Indian wedding celebration in Melbourne. The most important aspect was ensuring that every occasion was a big party.

The idea of having a traditional outdoor wedding ceremony was something that Nomeeta felt strongly about. As expected though, the Melbourne weather played havoc in the middle of summer and pushed The Glasshouse to opt for the wet weather back up option.

Nomeeta and Cheten's stylish Gujarati wedding took place at multiple wedding venues in Melbourne. This included a fabulous garba and dandia party.

“I was super keen to have an outdoor wedding (which didn’t eventuate in the end, due to rain), so the summer wedding season was our first pick. We really had to be flexible though as Cheten’s work schedule was quite restrictive. We wanted as many family members to be present and our parents wanted an auspicious day.

Stylish Gujarati Wedding in Melbourne, Australia_Nomeeta and Cheten

“There was a lot to coordinate, but luckily our venue was available on the date we landed on. Cheten’s guests were primarily coming from New South Wales and we wanted everyone to stay late and have a drink. So, choosing a Saturday night date was really important to us as well.”