From a young age, Aan’s director, Arti Badhwar has been heavily influenced from the glamour and heritage that she’s been exposed to. From Bollywood’s own blue eyed boy, director, Mohit Suri (her cousin), to the seven generations of her family who were committed cotton and ginning mill owners spanning across undivided India, Arti has found her niche in design. Introducing ‘Aan By Arti’, east meets west.

One important lesson Arti gained from business, is the importance of good fabric and a regional understanding of her culture, which is visible in her high fashion designs. Her trademark style is to combine traditional Indian design with western aesthetics.

Much like the business name, Aan’s diaspora appeals to the global woman; strong and powerful, yet graceful and feminine. She is a woman who values art and elegance and would never compromise on finesse.

Arti and her team pride themselves on providing excellent customer service. She has just recently launched a brand new eye-catching collection and her team is all set for another busy year.

We recently had an opportunity to catch up with director of Aan By Arti, Ms Arti Badhwar, to discuss her journey into the world of Indian fashion design.

Introducing Aan By Arti - East Meets West - The Maharani Diaries

Tell us about your journey. Who or what inspired you to create Aan?

My family has been in the cotton and ginning milling business for seven generations and I’ve been told that it’s in my DNA. In all seriousness though, I found that there was definitely a gap in the market for handmade luxury products at reasonable prices and that’s what led me to start Aan By Arti.

Your outfits are incredibly versatile – a beautiful blend of contemporary and traditional style aesthetics. Can you tell us a little about your designs?

For this I would like to share some feedback from one of our customers right after we re-launched our brand. “Love your work. I trust in the knowledge that all your pieces are made with love. Always the right mix of sophistication, glamour and sass”. This sums up the philosophy of Aan.

Introducing Aan By Arti - East Meets West - The Maharani Diaries

Do you have a favourite from the current season collection?

It is very difficult for me to choose, as you can imagine. However, if I had to choose, it would be either the oxblood sari gown or the velvet gown in the same colour. Another one would have to be the black cocktail lehenga.

Where do you draw inspiration or creativity from?

As a designer, I don’t think that many people realize this but we are constantly thinking about our craft. My inspiration could come from anywhere for example; a recent visit to the Taj Mahal inspired some of my embroidery patterns.