Introducing Indian Wedding Invitation Designers, Customizing Creativity

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Today we are delighted to bring you an exclusive interview with Indian wedding invitation and stationery design experts, Customizing Creativity.

Founders, Harsh and Disha have been designing bespoke wedding invitations for almost 10 years now. It comes as no surprise that their cards and stationery have been a massive hit with couples and families all over the world.

We are now so thrilled to be partnering with the designer duo, introducing our brides and grooms here in Australia to their beautiful array of colourful Indian wedding invitations.

So without further ado, please let us introduce you to the team of Customizing Creativity.

Tell us a little about Customizing Creativity and why you fell in love with designing wedding stationery.

Harsh and Disha of Customizing Creativity_The Maharani Diaries

Customizing Creativity is all about creating your dream Indian wedding invitation. Be it for a birthday, an anniversary or a wedding.

Our love for all things beautiful, intricate and pretty made us want to start implementing this in invitation and stationery as well. We wanted families to experience the luxury even in the smallest details. When the journey began, we never wanted to look back.

We are based out of Mumbai, India where we strive to achieve excellence by always keeping an eye for detail.

Customizing Creativity offer a one-on-one personalized service and we are constantly working towards maintaining that quality.

What do you enjoy most about designing Indian wedding invitations for couples?

We love meeting the couples and families and getting to know them. We try to understand what they want to reflect in the invitation and provide them with something that they will love for the rest of their lives.

The entire process is so fulfilling. When we see big smiles on your clients faces, then that is what makes it all worth it. This is what we work for!

Indian Wedding Invitation Designers Customizing Creativity_The Maharani Diaries

A lot of couples prefer traveling to India to choose their Indian wedding invitations in person. Why do you think they should opt for yourselves as opposed to designing their cards in India?

Since over 10 years now we’re working with brides, grooms and families from various parts of the world with all sorts of time zones.

It’s really easy to get things done over an email, a video call or even WhatsApp these days.

We are prompt with our responses and have absolute conviction to stick to given timelines. Most importantly, the quality of our personalized service makes it really seamless no matter which part of the world the family is from.

Wedding invitations set the tone of your wedding and often couples might want to opt for a unique invitation design. Can you offer bespoke services and if so, what’s the process?

Of course we can and that is actually our USP!

We strive to create unique, creative one-of-a-kind ensemble that is painstakingly created from scratch. With our super talented design team, we can design for big or small events with utmost care and patience.

Our personalised experience is truly the heartbeat of our business and we would love to make it memorable.

Indian Wedding Invitation Designers Customizing Creativity_The Maharani Diaries

For our brides here in Australia, what else can you offer aside from wedding invitations?

So, the Indian wedding invitation is only a part of the wedding stationery. We can also help with designing everything from the monogram, the save the dates, gift boxes, thank you cards, menu cards, coasters, tissues, ribbons and stamps. The works!

Even the sky is not the limit in the wedding stationery paraphernalia.

Indian Wedding Invitation Designers Customizing Creativity_The Maharani Diaries

Where do you source your inspiration from for your designs?

Coming from a culturally and historically diverse background in India, we absolutely learn to appreciate all forms of art from childhood.

When we travel, we read and learn as well as get really inspired by art forms, monuments, nature and designs from all over the world.

Indian Wedding Invitation Designers Customizing Creativity_The Maharani Diaries

What sort of trends are you currently seeing in wedding invitations? Are there any particular styles that are popular with your couples at the moment?

This season think botanicals, big flowers, marble, champagne gold and clean metallics.

We’re working on loads of new ideas and concepts for the to-be brides and grooms for the upcoming season.

Indian Wedding Invitation Designers Customizing Creativity_The Maharani Diaries

How far ahead do you suggest brides or grooms to start shopping for invitations?

The ideal time to begin the process of shopping for your Indian wedding invitation should be at least 8 – 10 months prior to when you want to begin with distribution of the invitations.

Can couples see a sample of their invitation before it is printed?

A full and final sample is really difficult to make for only 1-5 copies and not to forget, also not financially wise. Nonetheless, we can always do digital prints for one to proof read and get an idea on the colours, size, etc.

Indian Wedding Invitation Designers Customizing Creativity_The Maharani Diaries

Finally, what’s the most unusual Indian wedding invitation design request you have ever had?

Someone came to us wanting to pretty much create a mini-stage within their card – with some 3D movement, music, lights and vocals! It is not impossible, but if time and budget permit, why not?

A huge thank you to Harsh and Disha of Customizing Creativity for taking the time to speak to us about your amazing work. We are really looking forward to sharing your designs with our Australian couples and please come visit us in Australia again very soon!

If you are looking for bespoke Indian wedding invitations for your wedding day, let us know. Harsh and Disha have been kind enough to leave us with a stack of invitation samples to share with our Aussie couples who are in the midst of wedding planning. If you would like to have a sneak peak, contact us here or email us directly at

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