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The traditional wedding cake is fast becoming a staple at an Indian wedding. Gone are those days of serving laddoos and gulab jamun. It’s all about the statement cake that sits in the middle of your wedding reception venue.

Young couples tying the knot are bucking the trends and opting to infuse personal touches in every aspect of their wedding. This includes having a wedding cake that translates their love story, allowing guests to celebrate everything special about the couple.

We caught up with our expert Melbourne wedding cake decorator, Narmi of My Cake Studio to weigh in on the debate, making more couples see the value in serving cake at their Indian wedding.

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

It gives us great pleasure to introduce to you, The Maharani Diaries first Indian wedding photography vendor, Miss Sally Singh.

Based in tropical Brisbane, Australia, Sally has an incredible eye for detail and captures beautiful, special and heartfelt moments, creating memories for couples to treasure over a lifetime.

Her natural and timeless photography style is a big hit with Indian couples all over Australia and she has expressed a desire to cover weddings internationally.

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

Welcome to The Maharani Diaries vendor directory, Sal. Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Thank you very much.

I am a Punjabi girl who was born and raised in a small country town by the name of Murwillumbah in northern NSW.

After having completed high school, I moved to Brisbane to pursue my dream of studying photography. At the time, I realised that there was certainly a gap in the market for professional female wedding photographers in Australia. I was always passionate about arts and creating and figured that I would give it a shot.

It wasn’t until I started studying about different wedding photography styles that I really began taking my passion for photography more seriously. In my final year of college, I created my Facebook page and started uploading some of my assignment portfolios. It was through word of mouth that my photography work started attracting interest and attention from couples.

When I received my first phone call from a client asking me to photograph their engagement session, I remember being lost for words and feeling so overwhelmed. They mentioned to me that they were after a photographer who had a unique and different style to other wedding photographers. After capturing the engagement I then went on to photograph the couple’s wedding and many other Indian weddings after that.

3 years on and I haven’t looked back. I am now photographing weddings, portrait and events from different cultures all around Australia and I am happy to say that I am running a successful business.

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

That’s a fantastic story. So, how would you describe your wedding photography style?

I like to think that my photography is warm, modern and journalistic. I enjoy making my clients happy and I feel that reflects in my photographs.

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration stems from everyday life. I always take in my surroundings whether I’m walking down the street and I see a beautiful billboard advertisement or stumble across a glossy print publication. I believe that it’s all around you. Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook are also brilliant sources of inspiration for me.

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

What are the ideal weather conditions for wedding photography?

Overcast weather conditions are perfect for a wedding or any portrait session for that matter. You might notice when you see my photographs, I love to capture dramatic and overcast skylines. The only way I can create this effect is with an overcast day. 

PhotosForPoonam_26Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani DiariesSal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

What are your favourite wedding moments to capture? 

I love to capture the bride’s first steps and looks prior to the ceremony and that moment when all the attention is purely on her. Reception dancing is a fun moment as well. A chance to see everyone let loose their crazy dance moves. Last but not least, the heartfelt moments between the bride and her parents. Timeless and precious moments.

What sort of services do you provide?

I offer a range of special wedding, portrait and event photography packages. I am primarily based in Brisbane, but I am more than happy to travel around interstate, Australia and the world.

I hold one-on-one free client consultations giving couples or individuals the perfect opportunity to ask any questions and to gain a personal insight into my work and photography style.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for couples looking for their perfect wedding photographer?

– Find out your photographer’s style.

– Ensure the photographer is a professional who has a portfolio or his/her own shots and who isn’t an amateur with just a simple DSLR camera.

– Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Do not be afraid to spend the money. Wedding photos will remain with you for the rest of your life and are the only memories you will cherish from your special day.

– Make friends with your photographer. Get to know them. The photographer becomes part of the family on your wedding day.

– Create a checklist of what you would like your photographer to capture on the day.

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries


Is there any advice you’d give every bride and groom prior to their wedding day?

– Indian weddings don’t always run to schedule or plans, so be organized and have backup plans for everything.

– Give everyone in the family a running schedule of events on the day, so everyone is on the same page.

– Create a family portrait session checklist. Provide this list to one member of the family and get them to shout out the names. This keeps the photograph order flowing and no one misses out.

– Try to relax on your wedding day. Have fun and don’t stress about the little things. What’s done is done.

– Organise endless meeting with your vendors to ensure all is sorted prior to the big day.

– Appoint a personal assistant for the day. Whether it’s your wedding planner, friend, bridesmaid or brother. Give them your phone so that they can answer any calls, vendor contact details, your make up/tissues/bobby pins etc. This person will be your ‘go to person’ on the day.

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

Do you have a favourite image you’ve taken recently?

One of my absolute favourite images would have to be a portrait session I held with Harj and Eshar at Harj’s farm in Woolgoolga, NSW. This image was captured 5 minutes before a big downpour and you can see the dramatic clouds.

Sal Singh Photography | The Maharani Diaries

What are you looking forward to most in the lead up to wedding season?

I am definitely looking forward to capturing many more special memories for my clients and of course meeting new people.

Finally, what’s next for Sal Singh Photography?

I am not sure what the future holds at the moment. I’m currently living in the moment and loving what I do.

I do have the desire to move to another city to broaden my services, capturing the wider market. I do also wish to photograph international weddings one day.

Sal, thank you so much for giving us an insight into your brilliant work. Here’s wishing you all the success for the future.

If you would like to get in touch with Sally, visit our vendor page for further information.


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