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This agreement is between you, the user and/or visitor to the website and The Maharani Diaries®, ABN 37 156 830 933. The laws of Australia govern the Terms contained in this agreement. By accessing and using the website, you agree to be bound by these terms which may be altered by us in the future.

The Maharani Diaries® reserves all rights with respect to access and use of the website, services and content. We have the right to amend the Terms at any time at our discretion. You may continue to access and use the website during or after such changes are made.

By using the website and/or service, you agree to comply with and be legally bound by these Terms without modification, and acknowledge reading them.

Please read through our Privacy Policy and these Terms carefully prior to using the website.

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Failure to use this website in accordance with our Terms may subject you to criminal proceedings.

The Maharani Diaries® is a premium South Asian wedding directory that connects users to wedding vendors/suppliers. The website (www.themaharanidiaries.com) is used as a means to list wedding suppliers such as cake decorators, wedding planners, fashion designers, entertainers, photographers and videographers. These listings are included in The Little Book for Maharanis wedding directory on the website.

Users may view the directory listings as an unregistered visitor to the website, however if you wish to make an enquiry, the service provider, or we may take personal information such as name, address, email etc.

To make an enquiry the information is extended to include name and email address.

Vendors/suppliers are entitled to log in and manage their own profiles, provided you are a registered member with The Maharani Diaries®. Vendors will be given an account upon registration.



The Maharani Diaries® is a wedding directory platform for service providers/vendors/suppliers in the wedding industry. It is a website that is used as a means for the vendors/suppliers to advertise or promote their services as well as provide information to couples planning their wedding.

Vendors/suppliers can communicate with users or customers via the website.

We act as an agent on behalf of vendors/suppliers or businesses and users for information provided to other users or customers. We promote and market businesses and offer referrals to users who make enquiries about vendors/suppliers through our website.

We are a technology service provider and also assist businesses with professional services such as styled wedding shoots, photo shoots and additional services as stated in our media pack. Please note that these services are subject to additional terms and conditions, which will be accepted by vendor/supplier upon registration as a member.

The vendor/supplier must comply with our terms and conditions prior to using the website.

Should you as the vendor/supplier wish to become a member of The Maharani Diaries®, please send through an enquiry via our contact page or email us directly at info@themaharanidiaries.com.

Registration and User Account Details

In order to access features within the website, you must be a registered member of The Maharani Diaries® vendor directory.

If you register as a member in our vendor directory, please note that these Terms form a legally binding contract between you and us.

Any account we create for you is in accordance with our Terms. You must not use the website for any other purpose aside from what it is intended to be used for. Whilst you are responsible for all activity on your account or on the website, we request that you respect and follow all guidelines listed in the Terms.  

Once you register, you will provide us with all relevant information about your business and in turn we will activate your account for you to begin using right away. A username and password will be given to you for safe-keep.

All information provided must be accurate and current and in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

The Maharani Diaries® has sole discretion to provide an account or to deem access to its website to a vendor/supplier. We will agree to list a vendor/supplier’s business providing all the requirements or terms have been met between all parties involved.

Creating an Account

We collect personal information from you in order to register your business and set up your account. Do note that we will not disclose any of your personal information unless compelled to do so by law. Please read through our Privacy Policy for information on how we use, collect and store your information.

To create an account you must agree to use the website in accordance with the Terms and Privacy Policy.

If an account is set up for you (the vendor/supplier), it is your responsibility to manage the information on your profile (ie. images, description, social media links and content). Should you need support though, our team is able to provide assistance when necessary.

To create an account, you must be a registered The Maharani Diaries® vendor/supplier.

Upon account activation, The Maharani Diaries® will provide vendor/supplier with access credentials. It is your responsibility as the vendor/supplier to keep your login details in a safe and secure place. This login is unique to your profile.

If in any way you feel that your account has been hacked or you suspect that there has been unauthorized access of any sort, you should request to cancel or disable the account immediately.

The vendor/supplier must not provide false or misleading information to us at any point during its term as a registered member on our website. If you breach the terms of this agreement, we reserve the right to suspend or disable your member account or block your access to our website.

The vendor/supplier can request to terminate their account at any time.

By formally registering to The Maharani Diaries®, we may send you electronic material every month (in the form of promotions, competitions, administrative information), unless you opt out of receiving such material via the website.

Booking Enquiries

The Maharani Diaries® does not charge you to use the website, but we do receive payment from vendors/suppliers for their membership listings. Our website is a platform or portal in which vendors can list, advertise and promote their businesses.

We reserve the right to remove a listing of a vendor/supplier at any time, without limitation.

As a user, you have the right and permission to make an enquiry of a vendor/supplier via the website. You may be required to provide the vendor/supplier and us with personal information such as name, address, age and email address for administrative and recording purposes.

After an enquiry is made, the vendor/supplier may contact you directly to provide their services. An offer may be made to you by the vendor/supplier, which will in turn be according to their terms and conditions and their contracts. The vendor/supplier is responsible for its own services provided to the user or customer. This includes fees, contracts, insurance and any other additional services that you cover in your terms for the user.

We, at The Maharani Diaries® may correspond with the user during the enquiry and booking process with regards to the quality of the services provided by the vendor/supplier.

User Ratings and Reviews

The vendor/supplier may receive a user rating or review via their member profile. The ratings and reviews are a means for The Maharani Diaries® to record and keep track of your services.

If the vendor/supplier isn’t satisfied with the results of the ratings and reviews, we will arrange a meeting or phone call to discuss matters relating to negative or poor reviews.

The ratings and reviews or testimonials are a personal opinion. We are not responsible for these opinions. The Maharani Diaries® is not liable for any disputes between the user and the vendor/supplier. We will not remove or edit the ratings and reviews, in accordance with Australian Consumer policies and our Terms.

You must agree that testimonials, reviews or endorsements by users are always evaluated. We monitor vendors/suppliers progress on the website every month.

Intellectual Property

You must comply with best industry standards and practices, our Terms and agreements, Australian Consumer polices, laws and regulations whilst using the website. Failure to do so will result in a dispute, restricting the user or vendor/supplier’s access until the situation is resolved.

As a user of this website, you must not:

  • copy, edit or distribute any website content unless permitted by law, our Terms or via our consent.
  • attempt to access the website or your account from an illegal source.
  • use the website in an unlawful manner (eg. hacking into system or publish offensive content).
  • infringe or undermine the performance of our website in any manner.
  • go against our intellectual property rights or any third party’s rights or Terms.
  • hold us against claims, liabilities and expenses that arise out of copyright, trademark or infringement that is claimed against you.

All content on our website, social media platforms or on any material owned by us is the intellectual property of The Maharani Diaries®. The content is protected by Australian copyright laws. You are not permitted to modify, copy or exploit any works that is the property of The Maharani Diaries® without prior written consent. No trademarks, copyrights or any content in any format that is produced by us is not to be removed. The Maharani Diaries® reserves the right to deny you access to our website or terminate all your services without refund. We may file a dispute or pursue legal action against you if you are caught replicating or violating our intellectual property rights.

We do not claim ownership of content or material that is supplied by you, however you shall agree to us having authority and the license to issue, use and distribute this information across all The Maharani Diaries® related publications and website. You will retain all copyright ownership over your content. Content that is submitted by the vendor/supplier must be up to date and accurate. The vendor/supplier agrees that they are held responsible for providing accurate information at all times. We will not be liable for inaccurate content provided to us.

At any point, The Maharani Diaries® reserves the right to access, modify and remove content submitted by the vendor/supplier. We also reserve the right to remove you from using our services on our website, without refund.

Third Party Resources

Our website may contain links to third party websites, services, resources or advertisements. We are not liable for the accuracy, content or Terms for any third parties. You will bear sole responsibility for and assume risk resulting in the use of these websites or resources.

Earnings Disclaimer

Any financial matters or information presented on our website, social media platforms or on any of our content are an accurate representation of our business.

By purchasing any product(s) from The Maharani Diaries®, you agree that you are liable and responsible for your progress or results. We do not guarantee or promise results from any of our programs, material, products, services, advice, tools or any other content presented on our website.

All efforts have been made to ensure that all information, content, products or materials are accurately presented on our website.

We may present sponsored content from vendors/suppliers or third parties time to time, however please do note that we are not in any way associated with or affiliated with these businesses.

Our packages or materials come with guarantees. If you are not satisfied or unhappy with the product or quality of work, please contact our team via email, info@themaharanidiaries.com. Furthermore, if you do not agree with any of our Terms or conditions relating to this clause, please contact us via email.


You shall indemnify and hold us harmless from and against any losses, damages, settlements, liabilities, costs, charges, assessments, expenses and in addition, third party claims and causes of action, including, without limitation, lawyer fees, resulting out of breach by you of these Terms or by use of our website or services.

You will provide us, without charge any assistance we request in relation to such defense, including, without limitation, any information such as records, documents and access to you that we deem necessary. Third party claims shall not be settled without our prior written consent.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances, subject to this clause, shall we be responsible for loss or damages incurred out of your use of our website or services or your failure to agree with our Terms.

The Maharani Diaries® accepts no liability for the following:

  • failure of performance, errors, ommisions, attacks, fraud, criminal activity, negligence or any unlawful acts
  • loss of revenue, profits, business, finances or data
  • third party theft or destruction of, unauthorized access to your information or property, regardless of our negligence

Our liability is limited to the full extent in accordance with Australian Consumer law.


These Terms and agreements constitute the agreement between you and The Maharani Diaries® pertaining to the website and services and overrides any prior agreements, representations and/or understandings between us. No waiver is binding unless stated in writing by The Maharani Diaries®.

Change of Terms and Sale or Transfer of Business

We may at any point amend our Terms or Privacy Policy. Such amendments will be effective immediately upon notice to you by us publishing it on this website. Use of our website or services by you, after notification of changes made, means that you accept the amendments. We reserve the right to make any amendments or modifications to current versions of the website.

If we transfer, by sale or by any other means, any assets of the business that we operate, through the website or other related services, we may assign rights, titles and interests in these Terms to the transferee. These rights will include all details in relation to you and your account.


Services offered by Vendor/Supplier

The vendor/supplier is responsible for contacting you and offering their services after an enquiry is made. The Maharani Diaries® does not take responsibility for this. However, as the user, you have the right to contact us during this time, should you have any questions or concerns.

Any content provided by the vendor/supplier should be accurate and represent your business only. The vendor/supplier must acknowledge and agree that they are responsible for updating and maintaining your listing over the duration of your time as a registered vendor/supplier with The Maharani Diaries®.

As a vendor/supplier, you agree that your listing in our vendor directory will:

  • not breach agreements/contracts you have entered into with third parties
  • be compliant with Australian Consumer Laws and or rules and regulations relating to your business (permits, licenses and registrations are followed accordingly)

The Maharani Diaries® bears no responsibility for any agreements made between vendors with any third parties.

The vendor/supplier must adhere to website rules and regulations and must not violate these Terms. If at any point we deem your actions to be harmful or objectionable, we reserve the right to remove your listing at any time, without limitation.

We are not bound by any contracts, terms or agreements that are made between you as the vendor/supplier and the user who has booked you through our website. This responsibility to contact the user is solely up to you as the vendor/supplier. Similarly, The Maharani Diaries® is not bound by any contracts, terms or agreements shared between the user and the vendor/supplier.

Vendor/supplier listings are subject to change over time, without notice. We take no responsibility or make warranties for the quality of the product or of any services provided by you, as the vendor/supplier.

All information on our website (www.themaharanidiaries.com) is general and not necessarily indicative of the product or service. Whilst we take pride in our work and ensure the accuracy of the information is up to date and thorough and in accordance with Australian Consumer policies, we do not accept liability for any errors provided to us. Changes to the website will be made over time and we rely on the vendor/supplier to provide accurate and timely information at all times.

The user must take responsibility for complying with the vendor/supplier’s services and terms.

Vendor/Supplier profiles

We may create profiles on our website (www.themaharanidiaries.com) for vendors/suppliers who are not bound in a contract with us. Standard profiles are created in our Little Book for Maharanis wedding directory for certain vendors/suppliers.

If you are a vendor/supplier who wishes to become a registered member with The Maharani Diaries® website, you should contact us directly via email at info@themaharanidiaries.com.

Furthermore, if you are a registered vendor/supplier of The Maharani Diaries® website, who no longer agrees to our terms or wishes to appear in our Little Book for Maharanis wedding directory, then you must contact us directly via email at info@themaharanidiaries.com.

We may remove your profile at our own discretion at any time, in accordance with Australian Consumer policies, without limitation.

Promotional Offers or Competitions

The Maharani Diaries® may decide at any time to collaborate with the vendor/supplier to hold or participate in a promotional offer, competition or campaign. In this instance, additional terms and conditions may apply.

The vendor/supplier must adhere to the relevant terms that apply to the promotion, competition or campaign.


The Maharani Diaries® is not responsible or liable for any purchases made by the user or any person(s) from a vendor/supplier. This is an agreement between the vendor/supplier and the user or client or third party terms and conditions. We are not liable for any damages incurred to product or services.

Termination or Refusal of Service/Refunds

Given the digital nature of our services we do not offer refunds for digital product(s).

The services are offered in accordance with our Terms and contracts and are subject to our acceptance of your orders or requests. We reserve the right to refuse service to any person or user without obligations or reasoning.

We may at any point edit or modify any features on the website, subject to us fulfilling our responsibilities to you after payment.

Sales of downloadable digital products are final including limited time promotional offers, unless otherwise stated in Terms and conditions.

If you are bound in a contract with us you are permitted to cancel at any time in accordance with these Terms. However, we will keep all current payments for the month(s).

All information provided including, but not limited to email, blog, live events, videos are resources and for informational purposes only. You shall not act on the basis of information provided without consulting a legal team in your jurisdiction. No party may commence any court proceedings relating to a dispute without adhering to these Terms.

Be mindful that any information you provide to us is not privileged or confidential.


Financial Terms for User

Vendors/suppliers hold sole responsibility for honoring confirmed bookings and transactions between them and the user or person(s) who has made an enquiry about your service through our website (www.themaharanidiaries.com).

Users must understand that they may be required to sign an agreement or contract that’s offered to them by the vendor/supplier.

The Maharani Diaries® is not a party to any agreements or contracts shared between the vendor/supplier and the user or person(s) who have made a booking or enquiry through our website. We do not claim liability arising from any such agreement.

As the user, you will be asked to provide billing information such as name, billing address and credit card details to the vendor/supplier or third party payment processor(s), of which The Maharani Diaries® will not be liable for.

Financial Terms for Vendor/Supplier

The vendor/supplier is responsible for handling all enquiries and bookings from users. You, as the vendor/supplier are required to confirm receipt of the enquiry through our website (www.themaharanidiaries.com).

When the enquiry and/or booking has been accepted by you, the vendor/supplier, The Maharani Diaries® may ask you to share information about your booking, but we will not request financial information.

The vendor/supplier will be responsible for collecting fees from the user/customer. The Maharani Diaries® does not accept any booking fees from the user or vendor/supplier.