The Best Wedding Wellness Tips For Indian Brides

The Best Wedding Wellness Tips For Indian Brides

Diet or detox, personal training or yoga? Every Indian bride goes through these dilemmas very early on in her wedding planning journey and it’s often difficult to determine what are the best wedding wellness tips to help put you in the best shape for your festivities. You want to be in the best physical and mental state, but also emotionally too.

Wedding preparations begin months in advance, so your wellness is crucial. Following a routine and being disciplined with your eating habits and exercise regime will have you feeling fit and fabulous in no time!

Have Realistic Fitness Goals

The Best Wedding Wellness Tips For Indian Brides

Fitness goals are scary, but they can certainly keep you motivated.

Losing 20 kgs is not a realistic and attainable goal. Write down what your ideal weight and/or body shape should be by the time of your wedding day and then work backwards. There are apps out there such as My Fitness Pal which can assist with this or you could take notes in your journal.

It’s so important to dedicate an hour of your day to move. So, whether that is walking or cycling or personal training with an instructor at the gym, every little bit will count.

Of course, if you’re unsure, it’s always best to consult with the experts such as your GP, fitness trainer or dietician.

Figure Out The Best Training Methods

There are various yoga training methods out there which have different benefits for your body, mind and spirit.

What should you do everyday to reach those maximum fitness results?

You need to know what’s best for you before you dive in. Some will say that too much cardio will pump you up, but it will only deplete your stamina and you’ll end up losing a lot of muscle weight too. A good routine to keep is by alternating between 20 minutes of cardio and 20 minutes of strength. Begin with a practice that’s focused on strength and cardio. Two to three days of cardio in between will ease you of any muscle pain.

If you have a desired body shape in mind though, then perhaps the goal for you will be strictly to tone up. Pilates is perfect for this and your local gym may have other classes you could join in for too.

You have to remember that a healthy mind equals a healthy body and combined yoga and meditation will also keep you sane. There are various yoga training methods out there which have different benefits for your body, mind and spirit. Who knew that yoga increases blood flow!

Check out the Daily Yoga app for beginners to those in the more advanced stages.

It’s a balancing act, but you will know what works best for you within a matter of weeks.

Mental Fitness For The Brain

These are the best tips to get you in shape for your Indian wedding.

Speaking of meditation, it doesn’t have to be fancy at all. This is totally free and you don’t need to find a class or expert to help you.

An app we love to use for meditating is Calm. This self-guided meditation app helps you lower your stress and anxiety and also assists with sleep. Wow right?!

As Indian brides to be, we know that there are a crazy amount of never ending wedding festivities during our weddings. Basically, a lot of stuff to deal with and things to remember. The best part about meditating is that you can choose when to practice it.

15 minutes of silence before going to bed is great. Sit on the edge of your bed with your eyes shut, focus on nothing but your breath. This will ensure that you have a great sleep pattern and in turn assist you with getting up in the morning.

Healthy Gut Healthy You

Eating a healthy amount of foods is key to achieving the right balance before your wedding day.

Most nutritionists or dieticians will tell you that maintaining a healthy diet will benefit in the long run. However, your schedule and travels could prevent you from maintaining this routine right? Wrong indeed!

You can eat your daily 3 meal intake without feeling guilty. It’s all about balancing the good and bad and flushing out any toxins by drinking plenty of water everyday. The average is 2 litres and combining this with fruit, nuts and light meals will ensure that you achieve wedding wellness.

It’s difficult to lose the body fat if you are eating a ridiculous amount of chocolate, drinking sugary soft drinks or indulging on take out every night. Avoid too much processed foods and eat your vegetables, lean meats and fish and good sources of proteins such as eggs. If you’re vegan, stick to a good amount of vegetables and eat plenty of spinach as well, to keep those iron levels up. Snack on only unsalted nuts or bliss balls which can fill you up through the afternoon.

Watch your portion sizes. So, even if you are eating carbs such as rice or pasta, try and stick to standard sized portions.

If you really are unsure, Australian Dietary Guidelines provide up-to-date and relevant advice and material we need to eat for good health and wellbeing.


The Best Wedding Wellness Tips For Indian Brides

We mentioned sleep above, which is practically a no brainer. Who doesn’t want to have a decent sleep cycle leading up to their wedding day?

Our weddings are marathon events and so having a regular, good amount of sleep will contribute to less stress and believe it or not, healthy weight and great skin!

Looking radiant on your wedding day will not only make your beau happy, but also keep you in good spirits throughout the entire festivities.

An app that’s quite similar to Calm is called Headspace and this wonderful mindfulness meditation app will also assist in giving you a great sleep.

Over the next 3-6 months, plan out your health and fitness goals with realistic expectations. There are no fit and fast, hardcore rules to follow, but with a strong amount of will power, motivation, self discipline or whatever you like to call it, you will be on the way to wedding wellness in no time.

What are your go to wedding wellness techniques for remaining fit and healthy? Let us know in the comments below.

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