The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist Printable for your Indian Wedding

The Maharani Diaries ultimate Indian wedding planning checklist printable

When it comes to South Asian or Indian wedding planning, we all know how difficult it can be just to make a simple start. That’s why, we have come up with a wedding planning checklist printable just for you maharanis!

Yes, the time has finally come to gift our audiences with a checklist that not only makes sense but is manageable.

We have been working hard these past few months to ensure that our brides can also plan a wedding from the comfort of their office or home.

Our free wedding planning checklist printable will help guide you over 12 months. Save it on your mobile or print it out and follow the steps to wedding planning happiness!

You’re engaged now what?

Before we begin, if you’re newly engaged, a very hearty congratulations coming your way. This is not only an exciting time in your lives, but equally as nerve-racking.

As former brides and grooms to be, we know how you feel. It’s really okay to feel a sense of panic. Gosh as we write this, we totally get it more than ever!

There is certainly no need for alarm or panic though, because we are here to help you throughout your entire wedding planning journey.

So, celebrate with your partner, pop the bubbly and then download our wedding planning checklist printable here.

Let’s get started!

The Maharani Diaries ultimate Indian wedding planning checklist printable

But planning a wedding is so hard..

Nothing is impossible maharanis. We have made it this far, so whether you’re planning an intimate wedding, elopement or big fat Indian wedding, we have you covered.

First and foremost, head over to the blog page and YouTube channel for all the latest wedding planning tips and advice that’s under the sun. We also encourage you to find inspiration on Pinterest and Instagram which are both excellent visual tools for the maharani bride to be.

The most important thing to remember when planning a wedding, is to take it step by step.

Our 12 month wedding planning checklist printable offers you simple, actionable steps that break down the year month by month, leading to less overwhelm.

We know in 2020, brides are now starting to plan 14 to 16 months out from their wedding date. Dream wedding venues are being booked out several years ahead. As mentioned above though, use this checklist as a guide.

Now, whenever brides consult us, we encourage them to begin by setting their wedding priorities. This entails sitting down with your fiancé and trying to determine what details are most important to you.

Whether this is via a Pinterest board or on a simple piece of paper. Jot down perhaps, 5 to 10 things that you must have at your wedding. From as simple as having a photographer to a dosa station at your sangeet party, list them all!

You do you

You do you girl! How many times have you heard this catchphrase?

Remember that your wedding must be uniquely you. A reflection of you and your fiancé. It doesn’t matter how much inspiration is out there or whatever advice or information your friends or family provide you with.

Once you have set your priorities and determined the vision, it’s time to set a budget, come up with a guest list and then set a wedding date.

Again, you do you and set a budget that’s realistic for you and your families.

Find out who is paying for what and refer back to your priorities, so that you know where you need to invest the most. Be smart about allocating funds. Based on the feedback we have gotten in the past; many couples underestimate their wedding costs.

Choosing your suppliers

Of course, our wedding planning checklist printable doesn’t reveal everything, so we definitely recommend that you get in touch with us to help guide you in the right direction.

Be aware of the fact that most of the popular wedding suppliers do get fully booked very quickly.

Don’t get caught up in the noise though. It is so easy now more than ever to “go with the flow” and select a supplier based on their popularity. Just because that supplier was suited to your friend, doesn’t mean they’re going to fit your vision or personality type. No two weddings are the same.

The Maharani Diaries is here to show you what’s possible based on your needs and wants. The beauty of it all is that you don’t ever have to hesitate about asking us a question.

Going forward

As you move forward with your wedding planning, you will notice that our wedding planning checklist printable will break down all the important tasks.

Print it out and stick it on your fridge, home office notice board, place it into your binder or carry it with you in your handbag. Fold it up! We don’t care.

Happy planning!

We understand that at the time of writing this post, we are living in uncertain times, so our advice is to take it one day at a time maharanis. We’re all in this together and here to offer you support.

Your wedding planning must continue no matter what.  

Contact us anytime if you have any questions or email us directly at

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